We Care Facility Management Services is a leading Manpower Service provider of wide range of security services to both corporate and private clients throughout India. We provide discreet, but result oriented services as to protection. We are committed to making the preferred choice for individuals, businesses and industries requiring advanced and dependable security and private investigation services. With the sole objective of providing professional services, we provide security services at Government Offices, Banks, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Apartments, Gated community, High Rise Buildings, Construction sites, factories, Warehouses and Public places.

We also provide services of Gun man at offices like Banks, Jewellery, ATM counter etc


Our operational concepts are in line with work management ensuring that our clients are provided with the most excellent and quality services they look for. We strictly ensure that our recruitment of staff will only be those who have the pre - requisite with no criminal records through police vetting process. The following are some pro - active measures taken and implemented during undertaking of security service.

  • We employ professionals and experienced ex - senior Police / Army officer at management and supervisory levels.
  • We employ guards with adequate training of better quality, ie., in terms of age, health and character.
  • We pay our guards well-trained in fact they are amongst the highest paid in the security industry.
  • Our office which serves as a coordinating a centre functioning 24x7 hours in order to monitor the guards deployed.
  • Under our self - assessment system of management, the Field officer goers round to the post & reports on our guards performance and anything adverse is put right immediately.
  • The Field officer is scheduled daily to visit all the post to check on the performance and discipline of our guards.
  • Our clients' complaints and issues are attended promptly. All our security guards are contactable through the operation room.
  • Our management team is available for consultation and advice on corporate and personal security of our regular clients at times.
  • We hand over reports to the authorities concerned in case any eventuality arises.

We are keen to evaluate security in terms of assets protection, loss prevention and risk management. All managerial, operational and service processes are being functioned based on this. Security is designed to be a proactive, discipline, contributing directly to corporate productivity. Security guards ranging from between the age 21 - 50 years are carefully recruited and vetted in their character, ability, reputation and physical fitness and are subsequently screened by the Police department.

Our guards are taught and given basic training in firefighting and safety measures. The security aspects of their job include frequent drill to maintain their physical fitness and discipline. Our management team has been providing security services for more than 20 years . They include ex Army and Police Officers. Our experts will carry out a survey and advise you of deployment of manpower and security features to enhance your security needs.



We provide high window cleaning services for high rising corporate offices and malls with glass structure. The window and portico cleaning services are available with the help of a special squad of professional expert at the task. We use modern equipment for reaching high rise windows and facade, while superior quality glass cleansers with dust repellents are used for cleaning windows etc. The methodology we follow encompasses following tasks: • Pre-vacuum • Spots and stains removing • Dirt extraction • Thorough rinsing


We apply modern methods of cleaning, which are unique and unparalleled, using latest equipments and technology in order to offer high quality services within minimal time frame. We use a wide range of mechanized cleaning equipment for different cleaning applications. These cleaning devices are completely reliable and provide a perfectly clean environment. Handy and easy to use, our equipments, tools, and automatic wipers save both time and energy of our work force, thus contributing to the increase in efficiency of our work.

We provide services of mechanized cleaning in all offices as per request. The services that we cater under this category are as follows:

  • Floor scrubbing
  • Floor polishing
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Mechanizedc leaning of roads
  • Cleaning of Toilets
  • Cleaning of Office areas, canteens, etc.


As a leading consultancy, we measure our performance against our ability to innovate, transform and deliver. Our services are specifically designed and tailored to the needs of each individual organization and situation and we pride ourselves on providing quality solutions to the exact requirements of our clients. We have a reputation for being commercially aware, practical and strategic and can draw on additional expertise in Security service, Housekeeping, Advertising and so on. Possessing a large database of candidates both experienced and fresh, we are strategically positioned to provide support for you, wherever and whenever, you need. As a leading HR consultant in Kerala, we are able to fulfill employment services both to the job aspirants and the clients in building the right work force to bring in change in the growth and prospects of our clients.


We undertake fire & safety management services in all over Kerala in different industries like Hospitals, Bank, Technopark etc Our efficient and trained professionals both and fresh and experienced/retired hands from Fire force on client’s choice.


We provide the latest fumigation process. According to the latest pesticide fumigation services, the primitively packed agricultural product is disclosed to supercharged CO2 atmosphere. The infestation is done on the optimum circumstance and oscillation period of few hours is needed of the product that has to be fumigated. No requirements for any special pre or post treatment. The process is environmentally compatible and thereby carries off the problems of residuals by keeping off the application of the so far ordinarily applied vicious gases with a process of pressure disinfestations with Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

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